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  Chess Timer
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Chess Timer

A chess timer consists of two connected clocks, of which only one can count down at a time, depending on whose turn it is.

A chess timer is also sometimes called a game timer or chess clock. They are great for any competitive turn based game or activity.

App features:

  • Analogue or Digital time display.
  • Set clock times up to 12 hrs.
  • Clock times can be set independently - give a weaker player more time.
  • Large pads to tap to indicate the end of your move.
  • Number of moves shown on clocks.
  • Increment, simple delay, Bronstein delay and minimum move-time options.

Some Screenshots

Analogue Timers
Run Mode
Digital Timers

App Guide

The clocks can be either digital or analogue. Tap the settings button to change.

The clocks will count down from a maximum of 12 hours. Tap the Set Time button(s) to change the clock time before tapping start.

After tapping start, one of the clocks will start counting down and have a large pad beneath it which needs to be tapped when the first players move is over. This will stop the first clock and start the second clock counting down, and so on. The number of moves taken so far is shown as the lower digital number within the clock (option to turn this off in settings).

The stop button will stop the clocks counting down at the end of a game. At which point the Reset button is enabled and once pressed, the original start clock times will be restored.

The stop button can also act as a pause button. Whist paused, tapping start will just continue where it left off. Also, while stopped/paused, two smaller adjust time buttons are enabled, which can be used to give a player more time if they require.

The i button brings up the user guide. The settings button will bring up some settings as now explained..


Reset Timers – Resets the timers back to their start condition. (same as tapping stop and then reset)

Sound On – Toggles sound on or off.

Vibrate On – Toggles vibrate effects on or off.

Stay Awake – Check this option to stop the device from sleeping.

Show Move Count – Show the number of moves taken by each player on their respective clocks.

Left Clock Analogue/Digital – Select type of clock for the left side.

Right Clock Analogue/Digital – Select type of clock for the right side.

Increment – Turns on the increment feature. After each move the clock will be increased by the increment time.

Increment Time (s)– If increment is turned on, then this is the time to add to the clock after a move.

Delay – Turns on the delay feature. With this on, the clocks wont start counting down until the delay time is first competed. A small ring inside the pad will show delay time progress.

Delay Time (s) – If delay is turned on, then this is the time in seconds that the clock will wait at the start of the move before count down commences.

Bronstein Delay – Turns on the Bronstein delay. After each turn, the clocks are increased by the time used, or the Bronstein delay value, whichever is smallest. That is, your clock time will be increased by the Bronstein delay, or if your move was quicker than that, you only get the time used added.

Bronstein Delay Time (s) – The time in seconds used for the Bronstein delay.

Minimum Move Time – Use this to slow the game down, stop crazy fast moves or accidental tapping. With this feature on, the pad will not become active until the minimum move time is over.

Minimum move time (s) – The minimum move time in seconds.

Reset All Defaults – Resets all the settings and clocks back to how they were when the app was first run.