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Base Converter

This app convert integers from one base to another.

Binary, Octal, Decimal, Hexadecimal, or any base between 2 and 62.

Numbers up to 256 characters in length. (Not limited by 32 or 64 bit integers, can handle 256 bit integers in binary, or larger in the other bases).

Either of the two displays can be selected and edited, with the conversion for the other display done automatically as one is changed.

User Guide

There are two displays, the top (blue) one and the bottom (green) one. Select between them with the Top or Bot buttons. The base for each of the displays is shown to it's right. The base can be increased or decreased with the blue/green arrow buttons, or by pressing on the button displaying the base. In which case, a menu slides down allowing the base for that display to be selected directly.

Four of the most commonly used bases are 2, 8, 10 and 16, and are displayed using their abbreviations of BIN (Binary), OCT (Octal), DEC (Decimal) and HEX (Hexadecimal).

Number entry can either be done with the number pad below the display, or by pressing the keyboard button to bring up the soft keyboard. For bases above 24, the soft keyboard will be needed to access all the characters necessary for that base.

For bases above 10, letters are used for digits. Either upper or lower case can be selected in the settings to follow on from the 0-9 digits.

A cursor is shown on the currently selected display. Number entry, or deleting, is carried out at the cursor. Use the orange arrow buttons or tap in the display to move the cursor. The red AC button clears the displays.


Clicking the cogs button at the top left of the screen brings up a settings menu:

Sound On - Turn sound on or off.

Vibrate - Device will vibrate when buttons are pressed.

Stay Awake - Stops your device from sleeping whilst the app is running.

Character Order - Select whether lower case or upper case letters should be used first for bases above 10.

Minimum number of rows to use in displays - The displays will automatically adjust font size depending on the length of the number. If you would rather this happened less often and always see a smaller font, you can increase the minimum number of rows that will be used.

Copy Result to Clipboard - This will copy the current display numbers and their bases to the clipboard, ready for pasting into another application. Long tapping on the displays will also copy the same information to the clipboard.