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For measuring lengths.

Automatically sizes to most screens. However, check scaling with a normal ruler on first use. If it is not correct, touch CAL and stretch the ruler to the correct size.

• Centimeters and inches.
• Measure length between two markers.
• Copy to clipboard.

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Screenshot in rendered graphics to make it more appealing

User Guide

There are two markers that can be selected and dragged to measure between two positions. The area between is highlighted and the distance displayed in centimeters and inches.

Copy will copy the current measurement (distance between markers) to the clipboard so that you can paste it into another application.

CAL (Calibrate) - If the ruler doesn't scale correctly, then pressing this will enter calibrate mode. In calibrate mode, there is a central control which can be dragged left or right to stretch the ruler to the correct size. Tapping on Reset will return to the automatically determined size. Touch CAL again to return to measurement mode.

Marker positions and calibration are remembered for next time the app is run.