Keuwlsoft's Apps for Android

Keuwlsoft has published over 40 apps, mostly in the tools and audio categories. A brief summary of the apps follows:

3x3 Cube Solver cube solver image

Capture the state of your 3x3 cube with the camera, and then follow the animated solution to solve your cube.

IR Remote Creator remote creator image

If your Android device has an IR blaster: Create a remote control for your electronic projects, or any other device that you know the IR codes for.

Wifi Analsyer wifi analyser image

Monitor strength of nearby wifi networks. Use to find a good location for your wifi hub. Or use to identify a channel with little overlap with neighbouring networks.

Bluetooth Electronics bluetooth electronics image

Control your electronic project with an Android device. This app communicates to an HC-06 or HC-05 Bluetooth module in your project. Learn electronics in a fun way or rapid prototype your new idea. Customisable drag and drop panels with various controls including buttons, switches, sliders, pads, lights, gauges, terminals, accelerometers and graphs.

BLE Analyser BLE analyser image

Measure RSSI strength of nearby Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices. Connect to get a list of Services and Characteristics from a BLE device. Read and write to Characteristics and Descriptors.

USB Serial Monitor Usb serial monitor image

Connect to devices containing USB-Serial chips and monitor the serial data.

GPS Waypoint Finder gps waypoint finder image

Uses the GPS sensor, magnetic field sensor and accelerometer to determine the distance and direction to a GPS waypoint. Use for geocaching, finding your car, hotel, or other locations. Store up to 500 waypoints. Import and Export waypoints as GPX files.

Gauss Meter gauss meter image

Uses the magnetic field sensor to report the detect magnetic flux density in Gauss or Tesla. Includes rolling graph, compass, calibration option, maximum, minimum, averaging and sound output that changes frequency dependent on the magnetic flux density.

LED Banner Scroller led banner scroller app icon

Display scrolling messages. Up to 6 lines of text. Portrait or landscape banner. Various scroll options.

Spirit Level spirit level image

Spirit level app. Bull's eye level, roll and pitch gauges, horizontal and vertical Levels, angle gauge. Calibration feature to correct for axis miss-alignment and sensitivity.

Calculator calculator image

Basic calculator with 9 digits (+2 for the x10 exponent). Add things, Subtract things etc. Looks & acts like a real hand held calculator.

Base Converter base converter image

Convert integers from one base to another. Binary, Octal, Decimal, Hexadecimal, or any base between 2 and 62.

Compass compass image

Uses the magnetic field sensor to convert your device into a compass. Magnetic North, True North, bubble level, pitch gauges, heading, inclination, location.

Counter counter image

For counting people, events, objects, sheep, etc. Count up to 8 things simultaneously.

USB Host Test USB host test image

Tests your device USB Host capability by listing the USB devices attached.

Accelerometer Meter multi piano image

View or log the output from your accelerometer sensor. Graph data, save data, plot a frequency spectrum, view sensor specifications or turn the accelerometer output into a light or musical instrument.

Magnetic Field Counter magnetic field counter image

A counter based on the magnetic field sensor in your device. Detect from the magnetic field in either of the X, Y, Z directions, or from the magnitude of the magnetic field, |B|.

Gyroscope Counter gyroscope counter image

A counter based on the gyroscope sensor in your device. The Gyroscope measures the rate of rotation about the devices X, Y and Z directions. When a specified angular velocity is passed, the counter is incremented. Graph to show angular velocity values.

Proximity Sensor Counter proximity sensor counter image

A counter based on the proximity sensor in your device. The proximity sensor usually comprises an Infrared (IR) transmitter and receiver located near the speaker at the top of the phone. When a specified proximity level is passed, the counter is incremented. Graph to show proximity distance.

AC Magnetic Field Meter AC Magnetic Field meter image

Turn your device into an AC magnetic field meter by using its magnetic field sensor. Measure RMS values or Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) to obtain the magnetic field frequency spectrum.

RMS Displacement Meter RMS displacement meter image

Measure displacement by double integrating the acceleration from your device's linear acceleration sensor.

Accelerometer Counter Accelerometer Counter image

Counter based on the accelerometer sensor. Detect acceleration events in either of the X,Y Z axis, the magnitude of the acceleration, or from the angles about the device's Z axis or XY plane.

Protractor protractor app icon

Measure angles. Camera view. Horizontal and vertical plumb lines. Radians and degrees.

Ruler ruler app icon

For measuring lengths in cm or inches.

Geo Protractor geo protractor image

Measure angles between two points on the geo sphere with the camera and augmented reality.

Light Meter light meter image

This app uses the light sensor to measure illuminance in lumens per square meter (lx) or lumens per square foot (foot candles). Features: Time graph, Averaging, Max, Min, Calibration, ...

Light Sensor Counter light sensor counter image

A counter based on the light sensor in your device. When a specified light level is passed, the counter is incremented. Graph to show illuminance values.

Camera Color Counter Camera Color counter image

Measure and count colors using the camera. Measure RGB (Red, Green, Blue), HSL (Hue, Saturation, Lightness) and YUV. Trigger count detection from a measured value passing a set level, or from entering a colour region specified using HSL. Set up to 100 counters.

Flashlight flashlight image

Flashlight app with some cool features. Music mode with lights that dance in time with sounds detected on microphone. Accelerometer mode where the light changes with orientation. Hazard mode - change speed, color and blink pattern. Widget included.

Camera RGB Color Picker Camera RGB Color Picker image

Grab, tweak and store RGB color values from the Camera Preview. Suggests nearby named html colors.

Torch torch image

Turns the Camera LED on and off. Turns the LED on when the app opens and off when it closes and has a button to toggle the LED whilst open. If the built in torch app on your device is absent or difficult to access, then this might be what you need.

Egg Timer egg timer image

Five egg timers, each adjustable up to 23 hours 59 minutes. Countdown beeps, vibration, egg hatching.

Metronome metronome image

Keep time with this 10 to 310 BPM metronome. Accelerando feature for gradually speeding up or slowing down. Accent or mute beats. Change beats per bar and beat note. Up to 9 sub beats. 3 different sounds.

Stopwatch stopwatch image

Operate up to 8 stopwatches simultaneously and log up to 100 lap or split times on each.

Sand Timer sand timer image

Great for board games, as a kitchen timer, or for telling the kids how long until bedtime.

Tabata Timer Tabata Timer image

Tabata is a form of high intensity interval training (HIIT). Modify the Prepare, Work, Rest and Cool Down times. Various Sound and Vibrate options. Keep fit and healthy.

SPL Meter SPL meter image

Sound Pressure Level Meter. This app uses the microphone to detect sound and convert it into an SPL value. Features: Octave bands, Time graph, Averaging, Max, Min, Weighting, Calibration, ...

Audio Frequency Counter audio frequency counter image

Frequency counter based on the microphone input. Counts when the input rises or falls past a set level and converts into into frequency or a time period. x1 to x1000 gain and 2.5 to 640 ms/div graph. AC or DC coupling, 0.1s, 1s, 10s or 100s gate time,...

Pulse Echo Meter pulse echo meter image

Uses the audio output to generate sound pulses and then detects the echo on the microphone. The echo signal can be visualised in a map, Fourier transformed or just as the time-series waveform. Edit the pulse signal. Sample at 44.1 kHz for 0.001s to 5s. Save CSV data files.

Guitar Tuner guitar tuner image

Straightforward guitar tuner. Single screen app that starts in auto tune mode. Simply run the app, hit a string and start tuning your guitar. Tune into the orange region for a good results or green for perfection.

Guitar Tuner Pro guitar tuner image

Guitar tuner with more professional options:
    • Alternative guitar tunings.
    • Shift up or down for orchestral tuning.
    • Equal temperament or just intonation.

Music Pad music pad image

Interact with particle beams to make unique cool sounds. Change the number of notes per octave to create unique instruments. Slide along the particles beams to change octave smoothly.

Multi Piano multi piano image

Play up to 4 pianos simultaneously on one device. Notes played are highlighted on the other pianos to make teaching a new tune easy. Slide the bar below the piano to access notes from C1 to C8. Multitouch.

Universal Guitar Tuner Universal Guitar Tuner image

Guitar tuner app which uses microphone to auto detect note being played which is then indicated by the 3 rotating dials. Equal temperament and just intonation tuning options. Shift feature and pitch pipe included.

Spectrum Analyser spectrum analyser image

Audio spectrum analyser for your microphone. Adjust FFT size and range. Linear or logarithmic scales. Zoom & pan. Average, Min & Max traces. Snap to peak cursor. Musical note indicator. Save CSV data files.

Function Generator function generator image

Dual channel function/waveform/signal generator for the speaker/headphone audio output. 16 bit, 44.1kHz. Sweep, Burst, Modulation & Noise options.

Harmonicity Meter harmonicity meter image

Harmonicity (the harmonic to noise ratio) can give an indication of sound quality. This app uses the microphone to measure harmonicity, jitter, shimmer and the fundamental harmonic frequency.

Clap Counter clap counter image

Count claps or other sound events with this app. When the microphone sound level passes the clap detection threshold level, the counter value is increased by one.

Car Challenge car challenge image

Guide your car to the end of each track without crashing. Good timing and memory are required. 5 cars, each with 5 tracks to complete.

Draw A Balance Labyrinth Draw a balance labyrinth image

Design your own balance labyrinth game: draw, capture, edit and play. Carefully tilt your device to roll balls into their correct holes.

Chess Timer Chess timer image

Useful for timing chess games or other two player turn based games.

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