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  3x3 Cube Solver
      from KEUWLSOFT

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3x3 Cube Solver

Capture the state of your 3x3 cube with the camera, and then follow the animated solution. The cube is solved using the CFOP method.

The app has 6 modes selected from the icons at the top of the app:

• Camera Mode – Capture your cube.

• Edit Mode – Edit the cube if capture didn't go right.

• Solution Mode – Animate or step through the last solution generated.

• Scramble Mode – Generate scramble sequences.

• Timer Mode – Time your solves.

• Info Mode – Contains user guide for the app.

If after solving the cube with the app, you want to learn to solve the cube yourself, there is a CFOP beginners guide here.

User Guide

The In App User Guide (found from tapping 'i' on the menu bar in the App) is also available here.

Some Screenshots:

Capture Mode
List Mode
Edit Mode
Run Mode
Solution Mode
Scramble Mode
List Mode
Nerdy Stats
Run Mode
Timer Mode

Camera Capture Tips:

Use good consistent lighting. Avoid reflections of light from the cube. This is more easily achieved by rotating the cube and keeping the camera in the same place. Further detail can be found in the camera section of the user guide.


Not every cube is solveable. If an edge piece is flipped, or a corner piece rotated, the cube will enter a different orbit which is no longer solveable. Only one of the 12 orbits can be solved. If after capture, the app says that the cube is unsolvable, the most likely cause is that the capture didnt go quite so well, enter edit mode and correct any mistakes. If the app still says it is unsolveable, then it might be your cube has been tampered with while you wern't looking (in which case try twisting some corners or just rebuild your cube).