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Tabata Timer

Tabata is a form of high intensity interval training (HIIT). By default one Tabata workout comprises a 4 minute workout, divided into 8 rounds. Each round comprises a 20 second work period of physical exercise followed by a 10 second rest.

Adjustable Tabata times (0-9999 seconds for each stage).

Adjust number of rounds (0 to 500). Round progress is indicated by the smaller circles around the timer ring.

• Prepare and cool down stages.

• Rename Tabata and any of its first 30 rounds.

• Modify timings and names for 10 different Tabatas.

• Choose form various sound and vibrate options for each stage.

• Pre-beep or vibrate countdown to next stage.

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The tabata timer promo graphics trying to entice you into downloading it

User Guide

The number of rounds and length of work and rest periods can be adjusted in the main set-up screen by tapping on the up and down arrows in the corresponding sections. There are 10 custom Tabatas that can be selected in the top section The small dots indicate the currently selected Tabata. Each Tabata can have its own timings and name. The Tabata name can be changed by tapping the edit button at the right of the Tabata section. The total time of the Tabata is shown in the lower grey bar. Tap start to start the timer running. Once started, this grey bar will show the remaining time until completion of the workout.

Main setup screen

Tabata Run Mode

Whilst running, the timer will show progress through each stage of the Tabata, starting with the prepare stage (if prepare time is greater than 0 seconds). Markers in the ring show second intervals. The large digital number shows the seconds remaining, and the small number the tenths of a second.

Below the timer, is a pause button. When paused, you can skip forward or back though the timer stages, or reset it and return to the set-up screen.

Above the timer, the current Tabata and round name is shown. In the rest and prepare sessions, the next round is also shown in a smaller grey font.

tabata in run mode
Run mode
settings Mode


Further Settings are accessed with the cogs button at the top left of the main setup screen.

Sound On – Turns sound effects on or off.

Vibrate On – Turns vibrate effects on or off.

On Button Press – Beep / Vibrate – Select the effects to accompany button presses.

Reset All Defaults – At the end of the settings, the reset all defaults button can be used to reset the settings back to their default values. In the window that appears, you can also select whether or not you would like to reset all the Tabatas to their original names and times.

The remaining settings are divided into sections for each of the Work, Rest, Prepare, Cool Down and Complete stages, where accompanying sound and vibration effects can be set.

Start of Work Session Settings:

Sound – Select sound effect to occur at the start of a work session. If text to speech is available, then the first option will speak the current round name. The second option will speak the custom speech entered in the edit box below this control. The following three options will chose one of three other sound effects.

Vibrate – The device can vibrate once, twice, three times, or not at all at the start of the work session. The device needs vibration capability and the vibrate option near the top of the settings to be on for vibrate effects to occur.

Pre-Beeps – Select from 0, 2, 3, 5 or 10 beeps to countdown to the work session. Beeps will be at one second intervals. If the work/prepare session is shorter than the time required for the set number of beeps, then fewer beeps will be played.

Pre-Vibrations – As with the pre-beeps, but sets the device to vibrate at second intervals leading up to each work session instead.

The remaining settings are similar to those of the work session, but apply to the other stages.