timer mode Timer Mode

Use this mode for timing how long your solves take. The cube timer has two stages. First an inspection stage, which is initiated by tapping the Start Inspection button. A second timer appears and counts up/down for the inspection time whilst you examine the cube. Before the end of the inspection time you need to touch the large pad to ready the timer. The timer starts when you release the large pad. Solve the cube and then tap the large pad again to stop the timer.

The extra buttons either side of the timer display are:

camera mode Cancel - Scraps the current timing, which ever stage it is at. If the timer has finished, then this will also remove the time just recorded from the current set in the table. If the button is grey, the timer is already reset. Tapping on Start inspection also resets the timer whilst initiating the inspection period.

camera mode Pause - Pauses the timer. This can be used during either the the inspection or solve stages. Hold and release the large pad to continue.

camera mode DNF - Did Not Finish. If you failed to solve the cube for any reason, give yourself a DNF by tapping this button.

camera mode One move away. If you stopped the timer, but are one move away from solving the cube, then tap this button. This will add a time penalty (default is 2 seconds) to the time. The button will become highlighted to show that the penalty has been applied. You can change penalty times in the settings.

timer and buttons

Sets of 5

When not timing a solve, a table is shown with the current and previous 10 sets of 5 times. Tap and drag the table to see other sets. Long holding on the table allows its contents to be copied to the clipboard so that you can paste the times into another application.

For each set of 5 solves, the best time will be highlighted in blue and the worst time in red. When 5 times have been recorded for a set, the average of the middle three times is shown in yellow at the bottom of the table.

To clear the table, enter settings and find the Clear all Times button.

Inspection Stage

The inspection stage is split into two parts, first, the inspection time is counted down. If the timer is started in this time no penalty is applied. Otherwise an extra inspection time begins. If the timer is started during the extra inspection time a penalty of 2 seconds (or change it in the settings) is added to the time. If the timer is still not started before the end of the extra inspection time, then a DNF will be registered and the timer stopped. By default the inspection time is 15 seconds, and the extra inspection time is 2 seconds. Both can be modified in the settings.

The inspection time is shown inside the center of a ring showing the progress through the inspection time. The inspection time can be set to either count up or down in the settings.

The timer can also be set to speak during the inspection time so you don't need to keep looking at it. Therefore you can concentrate on the inspection until you hear "12 seconds" or whatever you request it to say. Edit the timer speech settings as required.

Add a Scramble to the Timer

In settings, find the New scramble generated when timer stopped check box and make sure it is selected. Using the same scramble settings as in the scramble mode, a new scramble will be generated after each solve and shown at the bottom of the timer screen. If speech is enabled, then a speak scramble button is located above the scramble. If you want the scramble read out to you automatically, then select that option in the timer speech settings.