scramble mode Scramble Mode

This mode provides scramble codes for when turning the cube randomly is insufficient. The scramble sequence is shown beneath the scramble button, and the cube will animate or step through the sequency using the controls beneath the cube.

The length of the scramble can be changed in the settings, and can range from from 3 to 100.

The algorithm for scrambling is not an official scramble algorithm so cannot be used in WCA competitions. It is however a decent scrambling algorithm i have written with checks to ensure a good scramble. 15 moves is probably enough to get a good scramble for practice. At least 20 is required to ensure the cube is fully scrambled, 25 moves to be sure and 30 moves if you want to go over the top. The scramble algorithm has been tested with this app, the average number of moves the app requiring to solve it, and the best solution are shown in the graph below:

graph of moves to solve scramble
Moves app required to solve scrambles of various lengths.

The New Scramble button resets the cube and generates a new scramble sequence.

The Solve button will solve the current state of the cube shown. To solve the complete scramble, go to the end of the scramble before tapping solve.

Tapping on any of the scramble letters will cause the cube to jump to that step in the scramble.

Tapping or sliding on the progress bar will move through the scramble sequence accordingly.

The Start, Previous, Play, Next and End buttons will cause the cube to step/animate/jump through the scramble sequence in the expected way.

Rotating the cube will also rotate the scramble sequence. It is the same scramble, just applied from a different orientation.