settings mode Settings

Sound On - Enables sound effects from the app.

Vibrate On - Enables the vibrate effect from button presses.

Stay Awake - Stops the app from sleeping whilst it is running. If you are timing yourself you probably want to keep this enabled so the device doesn't blank out just before you try to stop the timer.

Playback Speed - Choose from one of three speeds for the cube move animating in the solve and scramble modes. Note that the fast speed may not appear much different if your device is a bit older/slower.

Animate cube when stepping forwards/backwards Useful for the absolute beginner, but if you are already familiar with cubing and move naming you will probably want to turn this off.

Scramble Length - Select between 3 and 100 moves for the scramble. See the scramble section for more detail on how the scramble is generated.

Cross Color - When solving, the app can be set to either check all sides, or just use the current bottom side of the cube to make the initial cross of the CFOP solve.

Solve for: - There are two options for selecting the best solution. Either the fewest total F2L+Cross solution can be chosen, or the fewest total moves. The fewest total moves will be biased towards solutions with OLL or PLL skips. If using the app to study the different stages of the CFOP solve, the minimise Cross+F2L options may be a better choice.

Reset all Defaults – Found at the end of the settings, this button resets all preferences back to their default values and optionally clears all timers.

Timer Settings

These are settings for the Timer part of the app.

Inspection Time - The time in seconds for looking at the cube before the timer needs to be started. 15 seconds is typically used in competitions, but you might like to change this whilst practising.

Count Up / Count Down - The inspection time can be set to either count up or count down.

Extra Inspection Time - Extra time after the inspection that the timer will continue counting without triggering a DNF.

Time Penalty (0-3600s) - If the timer is started in the extra inspection time, then this timer penalty will be added to the time.

One Move Away Penalty (s) - After stopping the timer, there is a button to press if you were one move away from finishing the cube. Pressing that button will add the one move away penalty given here. Default is 2 seconds.

Enable Timer Speech - The timer mode can have some associated speech to make it easier to use without having to always look at the app.

Edit Timer Speech Settings - this opens up another dialog where speech settings can be modified.

Prevent Accidental double taps... Some devices/people will sometimes cause a double tap to be registered when only one tap was intended. By ignoring times of less than the ignore time, we can prevent the timer from accidently being stopped too soon. Of, course, if you are super fast and just timing a a short algorithm, you might want to turn this feature off.

Ignore Time - The time in which to ignore accidental taps after initially starting the timer.

New Scramble generated when Timer stopped - A new scramble is shown after the timer has finished using the same scramble length and method as used in the scramble mode.

Clear All Times - Clears all the times stored in the Timer mode.

Speech Settings

These are speech settings to go with the Timer.

If Enable Timer Speech is checked, then the speech settings can be modified.

Up to five things can be said in the inspection time, by filling in the relevant edit boxes. With speech you can then concentrate on the inspection, listening out for when you need to start.

At this time into inspection (s) – The time into the inspection at which to say something.

Say - Enter the text of what you want said at this time.

Speak as Timer Starts / Ends - In addition to speech in the inspection time, you can also have speech as the timer starts and ends so you know that the timer is functioning correctly without having to look at it.

Speak Time at End - The cube solve time is spoken after stopping the timer.

Auto Speak Next Scramble - So you can look at your cube and follow the scramble as it is read out to you. Useful as you are starting out, but when you are pro, you don't need to look at the cube and can scramble much faster than the scramble speech.

Select Speech Language - Select from any of the spoken languages detected to be available on your device.