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GPS Waypoint Finder

Uses the GPS sensor, Magnetic Field Sensor and Accelerometer to determine the distance and direction to a GPS waypoint.

Does not need to be held level to work correctly. Normally a compass needs to be level to get the correct reading, but this app uses the accelerometer reading to convert the magnetic field reading back to the horizontal plane.

In addition to the direction and distance to the waypoint, a compass ring shows the current heading. North points to True North (i.e. The direction is corrected for the magnetic declination - the difference between magnetic north and true north).

Use for geocaching, finding your car, hotel, or other locations.

Store up to 500 waypoints

Imperial or Metric units.

Import and Export waypoints as GPX files.

Arrow colour changes to green at less than 30m and blue at less than 10m to make it easier for littler ones to identify that they've reached the waypoint.

Use for Indication Only. Whilst walking, look where your going, not at the app or you might trip! The app tells you the direction of your destination, not how to get there. Only as good as the sensors in your device.

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GPS Waypoints

GPS Waypoints describe a location on the planet. They consist of a Latitude (how far North or South), a Longitude (how far East or West) and sometimes an Elevation.

Distance and bearing are calculated based on the coordinates lying on the WGS 84 reference ellipsoid. Any elevation or timestamp for the waypoint are ignored for the calculation.

The Main Screen

The waypoint coordinates, optional name and icon are shown in the top display. To select a different waypoint slot, use the arrows above this display to cycle through them. To move fast through the waypoints, touch and hold these arrows.

The arrow in the center shows the direction to the target waypoint. It will turn green at less than 30m and blue at less than 10m. Surrounding the arrow is a compass where magnetic declination has been taken into account and North points to true north.

The distance to the waypoint is shown below the compass. If an error is supplied from the location reading and the distance less than 1.5km, then an estimated error in the distance to the target location is shown. The error for the current location is also assumed for the target, such that the estimated error displayed becomes 1.41 times the error in the current location.

The current location is shown at the bottom of the screen along with the time since that reading was taken if it was more than 3 seconds ago.


The cogs at the top left will bring up a settings menu. Any changes in the settings will be stored for the next time the app is run.

Sound - Turn the sound effects for button presses on or off.

Units - Select which units to use. Meters and kilometers, feet and miles, or meters and miles. The unit changes from the coarser to finer unit at an appropriate distance.

Location - Select where to obtain the location info from. The GPS/Network mode will first try GPS, and if unsuccessful, will then try to get a network location. GPS mode will use the GPS location. Note that your device requires GPS and also for it to be enabled for apps to access, otherwise this option may be unavailable. The Network mode will use the network location, again only if enabled on the device for apps to use.

Coordinates - Latitude and Longitude can be displayed in degrees (°), degree minutes (° "), or degree minute seconds (° " ') depending on your preference.

Edit Waypoint Menu

The edit waypoint icon at the top right will bring up a menu for altering the waypoint.

Edit Waypoint - Open up the edit waypoint screen to edit the current waypoint.

New Waypoint - Finds the next unused slot and opens up the edit waypoint screen for it.

Import - Import GPX or geocaching LOC file. Selecting Import/Export will create a keuwlsoft/waypoints sub directory in the documents folder from which files can be imported/exported.(In earlier app versions the file was placed in a keuwlsoft directory in the root on your device).

Note that since Android 11, added security means that the app can no longer read documents created outside of the app. Copying gpx/loc files created by others to the keuwlsoft/waypoints/ directory will not make them visible to the app. As a work around: open a gpx/loc file in any text editor/viewer, Select All, Copy, then back in this app, in the edit waypoint menu, import >> paste text, and paste the text in the dialog that appears.

Export - Export a GPX file for the current or all waypoints. File will be placed in the in the documents folder in a keuwlsoft/waypoints sub directory. (In earlier app versions the file was placed in a keuwlsoft directory in the root on your device).

Delete - Delete the current waypoint or all waypoints.

New/Edit Waypoint Screen

Name - The first Edit button allows you to give the waypoint a name.

Icons - Assign icons to your waypoints to make them easier to organise.

Latitude - Tap this edit button to alter the Latitude and enter a value in manually.

Longitude - Tap this edit button to alter the Longitude and enter a value in manually.

From GPS - Set the waypoint latitude and longitude from the last measured GPS value. Only visible if using GPS to get location readings.

From Network - Set the waypoint latitude and longitude from the last measured network location. Only visible if using Network to get location readings.

World Map - Displays the location on the world map. Touching on the map will change the location.

Done - Sets the new waypoint values and returns to the main screen.

Cancel - Ignores any changes made and returns to the main screen.


Magnetic field direction can be affected by nearby ferromagnetic material - Therefore move into a clear area and remove any metallic casing that might interfere with the sensor. Some sensors can become magnetized or gain an offset resulting in false readings – rotating the device around each of the three axis can sometimes help. Results depend on quality of magnetic sensor, so use for indication only.