Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to the following apps by keuwlsoft:

Guitar Tuner (Version 1.70 onwards)

This app uses the MICROPHONE permission (android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO). We only use data from the microphone within the app for the purpose of the app functionality.

This app uses the internet (android.permission.INTERNET) permission so that we can serve ads and generate a little revenue.

In order to deliver the ads, we use the AdMob SDK from Google. Please see their terms and privacy policy for information on any data they might collect or share. Also see for a good explanation of how Google uses information from Apps. AdMob will serve ads from any of the Google-certified ad networks. Only Non personalised ads are shown.

Since some users of the app may be children. For ads, GDPR & COPPA purposes, child directed treatment is assumed. No neutral age screen is used.

For EEU/UK users, a GDPR dialog might appear with options on data usage. However, since it has been tagged for child directed treatment with non-personalised ads, this dialog is unlikely to ever be shown.

Whilst keuwlsoft does not directly collect or store any of your personal or non-personal information, some anonymous analytical data (e.g. app usage, crash reports and ad effectiveness data) is available to us through AdMob and/or the Google Developer Console.

You can see the privacy policy for earlier app versions here.