BlueTooth Electronics User Guide

Version 1.50

Privacy Policy can be found here.

Some electronics skills required. No training/support available. Use the app & examples at your own risk.

This app was originally designed to communicate using Bluetooth to an HC-06 or HC-05 Bluetooth module in your project. However, since version 1.2 it now works with Bluetooth Low Energy (eg HC-08), and also with a USB-Serial connection.

Since version 1.3, the saved files are now in a readable *.kwl command format and remote code is supported allowing panels to be created by sending commands from the connected device. See Remote Code section for more detail.

Since Version 1.5 files are now saved in the documents folder in a keuwlsoft/be sub directory. Added security in the latest Android versions means that files created outside of this app will no longer be accessible by the app. As a work around you may need to open then with a text viewer, select all, copy, and then back in this app use the from clipboard option in the load/import screens. BLUETOOTH_SCAN and BLUETOOTH_CONNECT permissions were added in this version so the app can work on Android 12 and above.