camera mode Edit Mode

If the capture didn't go so well, or the camera permission was denied, you can input the cube state in the edit mode. First select a cube color from the colour boxes below the cube, then tap on the stickers you want to be that color. The center stickers of each side cannot be changed, so first make sure you are editing the side you want to.

The cube can be rotated by dragging on it in the direction you want to rotate it.

On the right of the color boxes, there is a chevron which will extent the controls section to allow each of the 6 cube colours can be adjusted. The pad on the left of this section controls the hue and saturation, whilst the bar on the right controls how light the color is.

pad for changing colors
Color selection and modification.

On the left of the color boxes, there is a options menu that can be opened allowing the cube to be reset, restored to the captured cube, or set to the cube from the scramble or solution modes. The cube colors can also be set back to their defaults.