CFOP Solve Method

CFOP is the most popular method for solving the cube used by speed cubers. The four letters correspond to the four stages of the solve:

crossC (Cross), the four edge pieces are solved on one side.

f2lF2L (First 2 Layers), the first two layers are completed.

orientateOLL (Orient Last Layer), the top layer is orientated so that the top is all the correct color.

permutatePLL (Permutate Last Layer), the last layer is permutated to finish solving the cube.

This app uses the CFOP method to solve the cube and outputs solutions that finish each CFOP step before starting the next. Therefore following the solutions will start to familiarise you with techniques used to solve the cube.

Whilst every cube scramble can be solved in 20 moves or less, other solving method have not been implemented in the app as yet.